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Based heavily on C4 Atlanta's Hatch Intensive (training for doing art in communities) and Animating Democracy's "Attributes of Excellence in Arts for Change" (a downloadable framework on evaluating arts for change projects), this program delves into:

  • What arts for change means, and how it's different from traditional artmaking

  • Learning how to responsibly work with communities toward long-lasting goals

  • Understanding inequity in the art world and redefining aesthetic values

This presentation is a preview. Feel free to make a copy and adapt it for your needs. Extra activities and examples available upon request. Email Bria for help, advice, or a tailored PDF for your organization.


A shortened, curriculum-focused version of Bria's 2019 publication, "Narrative Education: Arts-Based Curricula for Identity and Empathy Development" focused on three main questions:

  • How can we use art to claim our stories? 

  • How can we break down barriers of difference?

  • How does art develop stronger communication and understanding?

Using narrative art and creative storytelling, we can strengthen both interpersonal relationships and personal identities by telling and listening to stories. Can be adapted for many age ranges - 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th grade, high school, and college. Email Bria for help, advice, or a tailored PDF for your organization.

  • Some recordings of working artists talking to Bria's classes about how they've used art to help their communities.

  • Inspiration for rubrics to evaluate art that have nothing to do with talent.

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