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She makes designs, art, websites, logos, writing, film, and curriculaShe's clearly got a soft spot for grassroots orgs and creative folks, so she'd love to work with you if you're shouting from a rooftop or dying on a hill. She's based in Atlanta and San Francisco, but can work via the interwebs with people from all over!

Current projects:

SFAC Invincible Black Soul: The Art of Bearing Witness
ACTIVE-ism podcast

Current / upcoming exhibitions: 
The Sycamore (ongoing - SF, CA)
Weelaunee Art Auction (3/11 - ATL, GA)
Market of the Beast (4/16 - Oakland, CA)
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When she's not doodling "in the name of humanity" or fiddling on her computer for a cause, Bria's organizing arts for change efforts and scrimmaging with status quos. She's all about community over commodity, so you might notice that her shop is pay-what-you-can, and her custom work is sliding scale

​Her art usually explores connection, vulnerability, and society. She treats it as a tool for conversation and uses it to tell stories. Whether stories of people, their dogs, or civil injustice, she's flexible - but she won't make you an NFT and she'll come back to haunt this yuppie world if she dies and any of her work ends up in a museum.

Canvas Rebel: Meet Bria Goeller

"The business of buying and selling art is so broken on so many levels. People who have access to traditional art schools, galleries, and dealers aren’t more talented than those who don’t. Dead artists don’t need more money. Classism, racism, sexism, all the -isms are so rampant in exhibitions, jurying, and curating. With NFTs coming into the picture, I got so frustrated with this desire to “own” art as a commodity, so I went to a pay-what-you-can model. I want to use art for societal change, liberation, and empowerment instead."

Hoodline SF: Castro community space & art pop-up 'Third Space' opens in former Eros bathhouse

"Founded by Edna Nyangau and Bria Goeller, Third Space is both part community gathering space and art gallery: 'We're trying to create a space for empathy and conversation and bringing a lot of different sides of San Francisco that don't normally talk together,' said Goeller."

Meet Bria Goeller: Artist, Designer, and Creator

"My art focuses on connection, on vulnerability, and on stories. Each piece I do for myself is a chance for me to be open and honest about what I’m experiencing. Each piece for someone else tries to help them do the same.'"

Creativity+: Non-Traditional Creative Pathways

Bria discusses the value of life as an artist and activist, and her advice for those wanting to carve unconventional paths.

Boundary Breaking Women, with Bria Goeller, creator of Ruby and Kamala: The Newark Museum of Art

Bria leads a community-centered MLK day program with the Newark Museum of Art and discusses her work, life, and values.

Freedom’s Legacy: Norman Rockwell Museum's MLK Day Virtual Family Program

Bria participates in the Norman Rockwell Museum's MLK day event and discusses the iconic work, its history, and its relevance today (along with her process and work).

Bria Goeller & Gordon Jones Interview

Professor Eric Gibbons of Vernon Malone College & Career Academy interviews Bria and Gordon Jones about the Kamala Harris & Ruby Bridges image. They discuss the road to being an artist and Bria's advice for students.

The Art Show with Sirron Norris and Brendon Metcalf: Episode 5 with Bria Goeller and Gordon Jones

Bria reconvenes with her colleagues Sirron Norris and Brendon Metcalf to discuss the Kamala Harris & Ruby Bridges image. Bonus: Sirron shows Bria's work designing his studio exterior!

MSNBC: Civil Rights Activist Ruby Bridges on Kamala Harris’ history-making moment

"'I was so moved by that image. I've given it a name myself, I call it 'shadows and shoulders,' because it reminded me that all of us are standing on the shadows of people who came before us - or standing on the shoulders.' - Ruby Bridges"

People Magazine: Civil Rights Icon Ruby Bridges Responds to Meme Showing Kamala Harris Walking with Her Shadow

"'I’m also standing on the shoulders and in the shadows of people who made huge sacrifices for all of us,' the civil rights activist and author tells PEOPLE ... Her book was a planned event. What she didn’t plan was to become part of a viral moment after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election."

AJC, Emory News Center: Emory grad creates viral image of Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges

     "Carlton Mackey, an artist and director of Emory’s Ethics and the Arts Program, says ... 'One of the challenges I see in this time is how difficult it is to have conversations, and here we are talking about bottled-up aspirations of Black women because of Bria’s art. I could not be more proud of the work she’s doing.' ... She was [Carlton Mackey's] intern for three years, working hands-on with his pieces around race and culture such as Black Men Smile and carving her own path as a working artist.

       Dana Haugaard, a lecturer in art history, had never taught Goeller as a student, but agreed to co-teach one session of the sidecar course based on her research and passion for finding ways to contextualize art for social impact. 'I am entirely not surprised her work is getting this attention,' Haugaard says. 'All of her work is geared toward creating a better and richer experience for people. She’s the bee’s knees, and if people don’t already know that, they will soon.'"

     “'Bria has always been an engaging and off-the-beaten-path person,' says Arri Eisen, a professor of pedagogy in biology and the ILA. 'She is a great example of how to thoughtfully bring ideas together.'"

Good Morning America: Moving Illustration of Kamala Harris Walking Alongside Ruby Bridges Goes Viral

"'We wanted to represent this moment in history for what it was: a victory of compassion against oppression,' Goeller told "GMA" in an statement. 'The design symbolizes two powerful women in history who overcame the odds and stood with strength against everyone who didn't want to see them succeed... We hoped it would inspire young women, young activists -- and hopefully make people smile.'"

PBS: Civil rights pioneer Ruby Bridges on activism in the modern era

"Now, 60 years later, Bridges has written to and for children the same age of her younger self. She describes it as a call to action and contains historical photos of her pioneering time. Pioneering history is still being made and remembered, including a photo illustration that went viral after the election of vice president-elect Kamala Harris walking alongside the shadow of Ruby Bridges."

NBC: The Story Behind That Viral Illustration of Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges

"There's so much history packed into a now-viral illustration that depicts Vice President-elect Kamala Harris walking next to a wall with her shadow transformed into the silhouette of a famous painting of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges."

Today: The story behind that viral illustration of Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges

"Goeller paid tribute to Bridges in an Instagram post after she shared her art. ... Goeller said she grew up in Louisiana and that Bridges was a 'large part of [her] understanding of its history.' 'I was in awe of your determination as a young girl and I am equally so now. Keep standing tall. You have brought strength to so many. And you continue to do so now,' she wrote. "Much love. You deserve it all.'"

Black&Magazine: Illustration of Ruby Bridges and Kamala Harris Goes Viral

"Goeller has worked with many other organizations like Black Men Smile and the Homeless Outreach Awareness Program, truly an example of an amazing ally to several communities. She says, '…platform or no platform, I have – personally and professionally – dedicated my life to amplifying the voices of communities that need it. I have made it my job as an artist to speak empathy and compassion through art. That will not change. And that will always be where I direct my energies.'"

Norman Rockwell Museum: Rockwell Painting of Ruby Bridges Inspires Viral Kamala Harris Image

"Goeller commented: 'I want women and people of color to feel that they have a voice. That confidence is what will create the world we deserve. My goal is to use my art to help amplify that voice. I hope to continue to be an advocate in that way, and I’m grateful to have created something that helps celebrate such an overdue landmark. These images are important, and powerful. Representation matters more than a lot of people realize. The closer we can get our media and imagery to reflect reality, the better off we will all be.'"

The Berkshire Edge: History lessons

"It was shared by millions because it was emotional for some and informative for others. The creator, Bria Goeller said, 'We hoped it would inspire young women.' ... The Goeller image shows the achievement in exactly 60 years — November 1960 to November 2020 — from the first Black girl entering an all-white school to the first female vice president-elect."

CNET: The story behind that viral image of Kamala Harris and activist Ruby Bridges

"'The design symbolizes two powerful women in history who overcame the odds and stood with strength against everyone who didn't want to see them to succeed,' Goeller said."

South African People News: Story Behind Viral Photo of Kamala Harris and Shadow

"'Rosa sat, so Ruby could walk, so Kamala could run' Some have taken the imagery even further with a collage going viral that includes Ruby, Kamala and Rosa Parks (who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in 1955, thus violating segregation laws of the day, which led to a bus boycott that is credited with sparking the US civil rights movement)."

Yahoo, LA Times: The story behind that viral illustration of Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges

"Goeller said. 'Although I'm not really profiting much from this, I think that I have the platform now to be able to really reach people with the art that I'm doing and that's all I could have asked for." But, she added, "I'm also so ready to hide.'"

USA Today: Powerful image captures Kamala Harris' monumental election as vice president

"Goeller said the response to the image from people around the country has been resounding, including from mothers who lauded the message of inspiration for girls and girls of color."

The New York Times: I Desegregated the University of Georgia. History Is Still in the Making.

"And so as I reflect on the 60th anniversary of my university’s desegregation — as a Black person and a woman, as a wife and mother, as a sister, aunt and citizen — remaining true to my calling as a journalist, I leave you with the question: What can we all do to keep working toward a more perfect union?"

The Hill: Ruby Bridges reacts to image showing Harris walking with her shadow

"Civil rights icon Ruby Bridges said she feels a 'sense of pride' after seeing a viral image of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris walking with the shadow of her 6-year-old self. ... The image has gone viral, something Goeller wrote on Instagram was a 'collective celebration of empathy triumphing over shortsightedness and greed.'”

artnet: ‘We Painted, Sang, and Danced Our Way to the Polls’: Artists React to US President-Elect Joe Biden’s Victory 
artnet: These Are the 25 Art Projects That Social Media Went Bananas Over in 2020

"It’s a gesture to Harris’s groundbreaking victory—the first woman, the first Black person, and the first Asian American to hold the nation’s second-highest office."

ZORA: The Kamala Harris-Ruby Bridges Meme Is Powerful and Polarizing

"From all of the discussion, what is clear is that women are considering how history will remember Harris and how we, ourselves, will remember this moment. ... As for Bridges, she isn’t taking issue with any of it at all. 'I am Honored to be a part of this path and Grateful to stand alongside you, Together with Our fellow Americans, as we step into this Next Chapter of American History! @kamalaharris @joebiden. Thank you to @briagoeller and @goodtrubble for the Inspirational and Beautiful artwork!' And if it’s all good with Bridges, shouldn’t it be all good with the rest of us?"

​CBS Bay Area: New San Francisco Mural Pays Tribute To Hospital Workers During Coronavirus Lockdown

Kiet Do reports on new mural outside San Francisco's Zuni Cafe thanking hospital workers amid lockdown

CBS Evening News: San Francisco mural honors health care workers

"A remarkable mural has sprung up in San Francisco to honor health care workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Its message: How we care shapes who we are. Jamie Yuccas takes a look."

Zhaohan Li: "Dear Bria, a Story About Art and Healing"

"... every time I talked with Bria, I always feel happy, warm and understanding some aspects of myself and world around me deeper. I chose three paintings of her to reconstruct three small chapters of life and three topics we discussed. First: about WE and THEM; Second: About us and us in others' eyes; Third: about vulnerability and healing."

VoyageATL: "Hidden Gems of Midtown: Bria Goeller"

"'Finding common ground requires expressing what may have otherwise been hidden. Professionally, I'm seeking to do just that: connect things and people that may not otherwise be connected.'"

Emory English/Creative Writing Department: "Winners-English Department and Creative Writing Program Contests and Scholarships"

"BRIA GOELLER: For her creative instincts, clear visuals and command of animated language to breath life into a house -- a vacation house -- that defined her youth, lives in her heart, and will comfortably take residence in the mind of any reader."

C4 Atlanta: "Fall 2017 Hatch Training Intensive Artists Announced"
Emory Annual Report 2017: "Emory students transform art into action to help area nonprofits"

"Students worked with filmmaker William Feagins, Carolyn Aidman, associate director of the Urban Health Initiative (UHI), and William Sexson, senior advisor of UHI and neonatology professor at Emory University School of Medicine, to create a video. Working with the Community Teaching Garden, their goal was to increase education surrounding nutrition and provide access to fresh produce in low socio-economic neighborhoods of Atlanta."

FreshU: "8 People Who Accomplished Big Things Their Freshmen Year of College"

"Goeller created a short film series called Art Works, which tells the stories of Atlanta’s LGBT+ youth. The first installment was posted in April of 2016. In addition, she had her work published in the summer 2016 edition of Off the Coast Magazine, an art and literary magazine published quarterly. Her artwork was also showcased at Emory’s Top 16 Red Carpet Finale."

Atlanta InTown: "Emory Art Works explores LGBT homelessness in new project"

"Art Works’ first project explores the role of collaborative art on the self-empowerment of LGBTQ youth in an Atlanta homeless shelter. Nguyen’s team includes writers Adna Jaganjac and Gaby Arifin; musicians Dan Martin and Erin Baker, steppers from Emory’s Ngambica step group, Ayana Bohanan and Kaela Kuitchuoua; and a filmmaker, Bria Goeller. Together they collaborate with homeless youth to help them tell their story."


"This video is my and our (if I may speak for the Emory community as a whole) way of showing gratitude to the Bon Appétit dining staff. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing them laughing with one another, sharing stories with students, and building relationships. They truly do add to the beauty of our community, and I don’t think Emory would be the same without them. -Emory student Bria Goeller ’19"

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publications, awards, and exhibitions 

art, design, photography

The Epic Mentor Guide: Insider Advice for Girls Eyeing the Workforce from 180 Boss Women Who Know by Illana Raia (page 32) - 2022

Imurj, Empathy Through Art, and The Creature Creator's "Art of Tech" Online Gallery - 2020 

Lullwater Review – 2019-2020

The Underground Magazine – Volume 21, Volume 22, and Volume 23)

DISoriented Travel Writing Edition – Spring 2018

MR. MA’AM Literary Magazine – 2017, 2018

National Academy of Medicine's Visualize Health Equity Gallery

Off the Coast Magazine – Summer 2016 issue

Alloy Literary Magazine – 2016, 2018

The Pulse: Anthology of the Arts – Volume VI

Photographer's Forum Best of College & High School – 2014

SCAD Junior Challenge gallery – 2014


Future.Art: Reimagining Democracy - 2021 (Special Mention)

Amplifier #Vaccinated Design Contest - June 2021 (juried selection)

National Arts Program – January 2015 (Featured Artist of the Week)

Scholastics Art & Writing Awards – 2015 (National Silver Key, 2 Regional Gold Keys, and 4 Regional Silver Keys)

Scholastics Art & Writing Awards – 2014 (Regional Gold Key)

Photographer's Forum 34th Annual College & High School Photography Contest – 2014 (Finalist)

Fine Arts League of Cary Exhibition – 2014 (2nd place)

SCAD Junior Challenge – 2014 (Finalist)

North Carolina State Fair – 2014 (Gold Seal)

Raleigh Women's Club and Raleigh Junior Women's Club Art Competition – 2014 (1st regional level, 3rd district level)

Fine Arts League of Cary – 2014 (2nd place)

National PTA Reflections Contest – 2013-2014 (3rd place at county)

The National Arts Program Duke Employee Art Contest – 2012 (1st)


Weelaunee Art Auction for Stop Cop City - 2023 (Atlanta, GA)

Unkle Morty's - 2023 (x2) (Oakland, CA)

thirdspace - 2022 (x7) 2023 (x1) (SF, CA)

The Sycamore - 2022-23 (SF, CA)

Helvella - 2022-23 (Oakland, CA)

Baker & Commons - 2022 (Berkeley, CA)

Evolved SF: Third Thursday - 2022 (SF, CA)

Sonder Art Garden in Hayes Valley (x4) – 2021-2022 (SF, CA)

The City Canvas: A Paint the Void Retrospective - 2022 (SF, CA)

Castro Winter Wonderland Block Party - 2021 (SF, CA)

Hayes Valley ArtWorks Gallery - 2021 (SF, CA)

an.ä.log SF - 2021 (SF, CA)

Sunset Mercantile - 2021 (SF, CA)
El Patio - 2021 (Berkeley, CA)
Victory Point - 2021 (Berkeley, CA)
Hofkuche – 2021 (x4) (Oakland, CA)
Noe Slow Streets - 2021 (x5) (SF, CA)
Imurj & Empathy Through Art "Art of Tech" Gallery - 2020 (Online)
Zuni Cafe - 2020 (SF, CA)
South by Southwest® – 2019 (Austin, TX)
Maggie's Pop-Up Art Gallery 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Relay for Life Emory - 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
The Pulse: Anthology of the Arts – Symposiums III, IV, V, VI, VII, X (Atlanta, GA)
Media Literature Arts Outreach – 2017 (x2), 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Couchella – 2016, 2017, 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Dark Arts' – 2017, 2018, 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Alloy Literary Magazine Exhibition – 2018 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Cox Hall Display – 2017 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Arts Underground Display– 2017 (x2), 2016 (x2) (Atlanta, GA)
Emory College Council Exhibition – 2017 (x2), 2016 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Arts Exhibition – 2015 (Atlanta, GA)
Artsplosure Exhibition – 2014, 2015 (Raleigh, NC)
Fine Arts League of Cary – 2014 (Cary, NC)
North Carolina Museum of Art – 2013 (Raleigh, NC)
North Carolina State Fair – 2014, 2013 (Raleigh, NC)
Visual Arts Exchange – 2013 (Raleigh, NC)
Cary Towne Center – 2012, 2013 (Cary, NC)
National Arts Program Duke Art Show – 2012 (Durham, NC)


The Quaker Literary Magazine

DISoriented Travel Writing Edition – Spring 2018

The Pulse: Anthology of the Arts – Volume VII, Volume VIII

Emory Feminists in Action Online Blog and Zine – Spring 2018

Boston University's Hoochie Media Project – 2018

Rainy Day – Volume XLVII, No.2, Fall 2017

Outrageous Fortune – Volume 8.2, Spring 2017

Indiana Review – Undergraduate Edition, 2016


Grace Abernethy Scholarship in Nonfiction – 2018

Annie Hall Writing Award: Critical/Theoretical Undergraduate Essay Contest – 2016 (first place)

graphic poetry


Hobart Pulp Literary Magazine – 2018 and Online Gallery


Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference, Atlanta Marriott Marquis – 2019  (Video and interactive art instillation)

Campus MovieFest – 2016 (TOP 16 Red Carpet Finale)

Emory’s Campus Movie Festival – 2015 (2nd place)

North Carolina Department of Justice’s Stop Rx Abuse Contest – 2015 (honorable mention)


National Federation of Music – Gold Cup and Superior 3 in Piano

National Music Certification Program – Excellence in Piano

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