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Upcoming happenings:
Death & Ritual (Oakland | until 11/4)
Night at the Mortuary (Oakland | 10/14)
The Sycamore (SF | ongoing)

Bria likes to be quiet and help other people be loud. She's currently focused on walking slower and thinking less.

Canvas Rebel: Meet Bria Goeller

"'I decided not to list prices on my art … As part of my little mission to make art accessible to everyone. ... I’ve started encouraging people to tell me a story about why the art is meaningful to them instead of giving a number. It makes us see art as an avenue for communication and understanding. ... I got so frustrated with this desire to “own” art as a commodity. ... I want to use art for change, liberation, and empowerment instead.'"

Shoutout Atlanta: Bria Goeller

"'My compass, for better and worse, orients me towards whatever isn’t happening. Whatever is hard, or different, or isn’t being said or done. Whoever isn’t being paid attention to. If I think I can help tell a story that needs to be told, I’m motivated. I would say that’s why I’m an artist: the need to prove the worth in things that aren’t valued.'"

Civil Rights Activist Ruby Bridges on Kamala Harris’ history-making moment

"Ruby Bridges: 'You know, I was so moved by that image. I've given it a name myself, I call it 'shadows and shoulders,' because all of us are standing on the shadows or shoulders of people who came before us.'"

Emory grad creates viral image of Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges

"Mackey says: 'One of the challenges I see in this time is how difficult it is to have conversations, and here we are talking about bottled-up aspirations of Black women because of Bria’s art. I could not be more proud of the work she’s doing.' ... She was [Carlton Mackey's] intern for three years, working hands-on with pieces about race and culture such as Black Men Smile and carving her own path as a working artist."

Zhaohan Li: "Dear Bria, a Story About Art and Healing"

"'If you were given ice cream and a knife, complaining that there's no spoon won't help you eat the ice cream. You have to figure out how to use the knife. The tools given to everyone are different. Instead of trying to get the tools in other people's hands, we should be thinking about how to make good use of the tools in our own,' Bria says."

Voyage ATL: Meet Bria Goeller

"'I think a lot of people look at education the wrong way. ... I think that means figuring out how to connect with others and improve our lives (and the lives of those around us) with the things we do best. This does not need to happen inside classrooms, although it can if done well.' Bria says, 'I focus on practical application and ways to take it into the community.'"

Rough Draft Atlanta: Art Works explores LGBT homelessness

"Art Works explores the role of collaborative art on the self-empowerment of LGBTQ youth in an Atlanta homeless shelter. Nguyen and his team engaged their clients in a variety of exercises to help them find their creative voices. One was centered on the question: if you had ten seconds to say anything to the world and they had to listen, what would it be? One of the responses was the poem that became the centerpiece of the film, showing how a young person wrestles with what her true strength is. Does it come from a facade of toughness or arise out of a more vulnerable knowing of self?"

'Beauty In Things Unseen:' Student Interviews Dining Staff

"Goeller, '19, says, 'This video is an acknowledgement that the most beautiful things (and people) in this world often go unnoticed. This theme is very important to me: in many ways, it reflects the way I live and the impact I hope to have on the world.'"

Castro community space & art pop-up 'thirdspace' opens in former Eros

"'The concept is: home is first space, work is second space and third space is this extra place that's not a bar and not a church.' Goeller explained that Third Space will not be hosting curated events or taking commissions. Instead, 'We're trying to take a more community centered approach. We're going to bring in artists who don't normally have access to gallery spaces, where people can come and talk about tough things that don't usually have a place in everyday language.'"

art, design, photography

The Epic Mentor Guide: Insider Advice for Girls Eyeing the Workforce from 180 Boss Women Who Know by Illana Raia (page 32) - 2022

Imurj, Empathy Through Art, and The Creature Creator's "Art of Tech" Online Gallery - 2020 

Lullwater Review – 2019-2020

The Underground Magazine – Volume 21, Volume 22, and Volume 23)

DISoriented Travel Writing Edition – Spring 2018

MR. MA’AM Literary Magazine – 2017, 2018

National Academy of Medicine's Visualize Health Equity Gallery

Off the Coast Magazine – Summer 2016 issue

Alloy Literary Magazine – 2016, 2018

The Pulse: Anthology of the Arts – Volume VI

Photographer's Forum Best of College & High School – 2014

SCAD Junior Challenge gallery – 2014


Future.Art: Reimagining Democracy - 2021 (Special Mention)

Amplifier #Vaccinated Design Contest - June 2021 (juried selection)

National Arts Program – January 2015 (Featured Artist of the Week)

Scholastics Art & Writing Awards – 2015 (National Silver Key, 2 Regional Gold Keys, and 4 Regional Silver Keys)

Scholastics Art & Writing Awards – 2014 (Regional Gold Key)

Photographer's Forum 34th Annual College & High School Photography Contest – 2014 (Finalist)

Fine Arts League of Cary Exhibition – 2014 (2nd place)

SCAD Junior Challenge – 2014 (Finalist)

North Carolina State Fair – 2014 (Gold Seal)

Raleigh Women's Club and Raleigh Junior Women's Club Art Competition – 2014 (1st regional level, 3rd district level)

Fine Arts League of Cary – 2014 (2nd place)

National PTA Reflections Contest – 2013-2014 (3rd place at county)

The National Arts Program Duke Employee Art Contest – 2012 (1st)


El Refugio Auction - 2023 (Hapeville, GA)

No Tomorrow - 2023 (Atlanta, GA)

7 Stages - 2023 (Atlanta, GA)

Market of the Beast - 2023 (Oakland, CA) 

Astoria Food Pantry - 2023 (New York, NY)

Art Auction - 2023 (Atlanta, GA)

Unkle Morty's - 2023 (Oakland, CA)

thirdspace - 2022 (x7) 2023 (x1) (San Francisco, CA)

The Sycamore - 2022-23 (San Francisco, CA)

Helvella - 2022-23 (Oakland, CA)

Baker & Commons - 2022 (Berkeley, CA)

Evolved SF: Third Thursday - 2022 (San Francisco, CA)

Sonder Art Garden – 2021 (x2) 2022 (x2) (San Francisco, CA)

Paint the Void Retrospective - 2022 (San Francisco, CA)

Castro Block Party - 2021 (San Francisco, CA)

Hayes Valley ArtWorks Gallery - 2021 (San Francisco, CA)

an.ä.log SF - 2021 (San Francisco, CA)

Sunset Mercantile - 2021 (San Francisco, CA)
El Patio - 2021 (Berkeley, CA)
Victory Point - 2021 (Berkeley, CA)
Hofkuche – 2021 (x4) (Oakland, CA)
Noe Slow Streets - 2021 (x5) (San Francisco, CA)
Imurj & Empathy Through Art Gallery - 2020 (Virtual)
Zuni Cafe - 2020 (San Francisco, CA)
South by Southwest® – 2019 (Austin, TX)
Maggie's Pop-Up Art Gallery 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Relay for Life Emory - 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Pulse Symposiums III, IV, V, VI, VII, X (Atlanta, GA)
Media Literature Arts Outreach – 2017 (x2), 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Couchella – 2016, 2017, 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Dark Arts – 2017, 2018, 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
Alloy Exhibition – 2018 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Cox Hall Display – 2017 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Arts Underground Display– 2017 (x2), 2016 (x2) (Atlanta, GA)
Emory College Council Exhibition – 2017 (x2), 2016 (Atlanta, GA)
Emory Arts Exhibition – 2015 (Atlanta, GA)
Artsplosure Exhibition – 2014, 2015 (Raleigh, NC)
Fine Arts League of Cary – 2014 (Cary, NC)
North Carolina Museum of Art – 2013 (Raleigh, NC)
North Carolina State Fair – 2014, 2013 (Raleigh, NC)
Visual Arts Exchange – 2013 (Raleigh, NC)
Cary Towne Center – 2012, 2013 (Cary, NC)
National Arts Program Duke Art Show – 2012 (Durham, NC)


The Quaker Literary Magazine

DISoriented Travel Writing Edition – Spring 2018

The Pulse: Anthology of the Arts – Volume VII, Volume VIII

Emory Feminists in Action Online Blog and Zine – Spring 2018

Boston University's Hoochie Media Project – 2018

Rainy Day – Volume XLVII, No.2, Fall 2017

Outrageous Fortune – Volume 8.2, Spring 2017

Indiana Review – Undergraduate Edition, 2016


Grace Abernethy Scholarship in Nonfiction – 2018

Annie Hall Writing Award: Critical/Theoretical Essay Contest – 2016 (1st)

graphic poetry


Hobart Pulp Literary Magazine – 2018 and Online Gallery

Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference, Atlanta Marriott Marquis – 2019

Campus MovieFest – 2016 (TOP 16 Red Carpet Finale)

Emory’s Campus Movie Festival – 2015 (2nd)

NC Department of Justice’s Stop Rx Abuse Contest – 2015 (hon. mention)

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