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public art


A reminder that hope is stronger than intimidation. Design by me, painted on the new door of the Teardown by community members. (2023 | Atlanta, GA)



Not home, not work, but an "other" space that people can come together without obligation to buy or boxes to check. Freehanded logo for the community space I made. (2022 | San Francisco, CA)

Growing Together

Vines for Zuni Cafe on Market Street, beginning of the pandemic. (2020 | San Francisco, CA)

How We Care Shapes Who We Are

Collaborative mural with doctors from the SF General Hospital ER, Radici Studios, Claudia Blanco, SF General Hospital Foundation, and Paint the Void. (2020 | San Francisco, CA)

"Compartment C Car 293"+ Pages


A replica of Edward Hopper's "Compartment C Car 293" and pages around other students' murals. (2015 | Cary, NC)

Spark A Reaction

A promotion for the Wake County Public Library summer reading program. (2014 | Cary, NC)

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