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September 2022

2051 Market Street

San Francisco, CA

Freehanded logo for the community space I made.

Growing Together

June 2020

Acrylic on wood
3' x 8'

San Francisco, CA

Vines outside of Zuni Cafe on Market Street. A response to the start of COVID: are we growing together or apart? Can you spot the faces?

Prints available  here .

Collaborative Healthcare Mural with Radici Studios, Paint the Void, and SFGHF

June 2020

San Francisco, CA


Another mural at Zuni! Doctors from the SF General Hospital ER took a pause on Monday to practice a different kind of healing: art. "How we care shapes who we are," and caring through creativity helps us come together. Thanks to Radici Studios' design and leadership, Zuni Café's hospitality, Claudia Blanco (@klawd)'s help, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation's support, and Paint the Void's continued enthusiasm. Also - we made local and national news!! Thanks CBS Evening News with Norah O'DonnellMSN MSN NewsCBS San Francisco 5 Kpix-TVYahoo News, and One News Page for spreading the message.

"Compartment C Car 293"+ Pages


May 2015

Acrylic on tiled cement walls

3' 3" x 3' 3" (for Hopper mural), pages unmeasured

Cary, North Carolina

Addition to Green Hope High School's AP Art wall. ​A Replica of Edward Hopper's "Compartment C Car 293," and book pages around the other students' murals.

Spark A Reaction

May 2014

Chalk on sidewalk

Cary, North Carolina

A promotion for the Wake County Public Library summer reading program.

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