changing identity narratives through creativity

This educational program focuses on three main questions:

  • How can we use art to claim our stories? 

  • How can we break down barriers of difference?

  • How does art develop stronger communication and understanding?

Lack of narrative arts in education creates a vacuum of empathy. Using narrative art and creative storytelling, we can strengthen both our interpersonal relationships and personal identities by putting our own stories into the world – and listening to the stories of others.

articulate is a shortened, curriculum-focused version of Bria's 2019 publication, "Narrative Education: Arts-Based Curricula for Identity and Empathy Development". It's for anyone and any type of learning environment. She's adapted it for many age ranges - 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th grade, high school, and college. Email her if you want help, advice, or a tailored PDF for your organization.

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