Custom work
is sliding-scale.

This means you choose the rate you can afford.

Below are three hourly rates. A hundred bucks means something totally different to different people. This is an attempt at increased equity. Think about how much you'd spend on, say, a nice pair of shoes or a flight. The more you pay, the more Bria can work for free and reduced price for others. And of course, questions welcomeThanks for being part of the experiment.



I have difficulty meeting my basic needs (i.e. food, housing, healthcare, essential transportation). 

I have little to no savings. My money goes toward immediate expenses.


I have significant unpayable debt. I have trouble affording loan payments.


​I have little to no extra money. I budget like crazy.

For organizations:

We're still trying to find our footing. We worry about our finances.

We hope our mission succeeds, but we regularly worry we won't make it.

We regularly run out of funds. We might be volunteer run, but we strive for better.  


I have some stress about meeting basic needs, but I regularly achieve them.

I wish I had more savings, but I do have some.

I might worry about my loan payments, but I'm making it work.

I can afford things like restaurants, movies, coffee shops, concerts, pets, and new clothes.

For organizations:

We get paid enough to sustain our business. Sometimes we do charity work and give discounts.

We're a little worried about the future, but we've been doing good.

We have pretty good profit margins. We're in the green.


I can meet all of my basic needs, and I have money left over afterwards.

I have comfortable savings and I might even invest.

I may have some loans and student debt, but payments are no biggie.

I can afford to go out when I want and often take trips. I still look for sales, but I can afford things either way. 

For organizations:

We have a healthy financial cushion. We can afford philanthropic giving.

We're not concerned about longevity. I think we're in it for the long-haul. 

We have significant funds. We can cover our expenses and still make extra money.