Custom work
is sliding-scale.

Pay what you can, or pay it forward.

Definitions of wealth can be intensely complex and personal, but approaching these conversations honestly and openly is how we start building a more equitable world. Below are some statements to help contextualize need. Not every statement may fit you. Just choose the rate where the most statements are true. The higher the rate, the more subsidized projects Bria can take on to help others! If you don't have much, ask for the lower rates. Thanks for taking part in the experiment. And of course, ask if you have questions!



I have some difficulty meeting basic needs. I usually have enough food, but sometimes I built up credit card debt. I have trouble accessing decent healthcare.

I have little extra income. I don't have savings. I have trouble paying off loans and I might miss my bill payments.

I don't have a safety net of friends and family to help me in an emergency.

For organizations:

We're still trying to find our footing, but we're becoming more stable. We hope our mission will succeed!


Our highest paid employees make less than $20-30k/year. 


I have some stress about meeting my basic needs, but I regularly achieve them. I have access to adequate food, reliable transportation, stable housing, and healthcare (even if it's not the best). 


I can afford things like coffee shops, gym memberships, concerts, or pets. I have some savings, but I wish I had more. I worry about payments, but I'm making it work.

I might have a safety net, I might have loved ones relying on me as their safety net.

For organizations:

We get paid enough to sustain ourselves. We might still worry about the future, but we're doing good. We can cover our expenses.

Our highest paid employees make between $30-$70k.


I can meet all of my basic needs, and I might even have money left over afterwards. I can afford to go out when I want and often take trips. I might look for discounts, but I can afford the full price. 

I have comfortable savings and some expendable income. I might even invest. My loan payments and student debt are manageable.

I have a safety net of financially stable family and friends.

For organizations:

We're not concerned about longevity. We're in it for the long-haul. We have a healthy financial cushion.


Our highest paid employees make above $70k. 

I have significant difficulty meeting my basic needs. My refrigerator is often sparse. I forgo medical care because I can't afford it. I have trouble finding stable housing and/or employment. 

I have no extra income. My paycheck goes toward immediate expenses, and I have significant unpayable debt.

I might not have a U.S. Citizenship, and I don't have a safety net of friends and family to help in an emergency.

For organizations:

We're just starting out, or we've been doing this for a while but are barely scraping by. We regularly worry we won't make it.

We make almost nothing. We might be volunteer-run, but we strive for better.