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Custom work
is sliding-scale.

Pay what you can, or pay it forward.

Thinking hard about perceptions of wealth is how we start building a more equitable world. Below are some statements to help contextualize need. Not every statement may fit you, but try to pick what fits best. The higher the rate, the more subsidized projects Bria can take on. If you don't have much, ask for the lower rates. And of course, ask if you have questions!



I am housed and employed. Healthcare is available to me and I have enough food.

I can meet my needs but don't have savings or much extra income.

I don't have a safety net of friends and family to help me in an emergency.

For organizations:

We can meet our expenses, but only just.


Our highest paid employees make $10-20k/year or less. 


I have access to adequate food, reliable transportation, stable housing, and healthcare. 


I can afford things like coffee shops, concerts, gym memberships, and pets. I might even have savings.

I have a safety net. I can cover unexpected expenses.

For organizations:

We get paid enough to sustain ourselves and cover expenses.

Our highest paid employees make between $30-$50k.


I can meet my basic needs and even have money left over afterwards.

I can afford to go out multiple time a month. I can travel for fun. ​I have comfortable savings, and I might invest.

I have a safety net of financially stable family and friends.

For organizations:

We have a healthy financial cushion and longevity plan.


Our highest paid employees make above $60k. 

Food and medical care are a challenge to access and afford. I'm between stable housing and / or employment. 

Money goes toward immediate needs and I have no extra income or savings.

I don't have a safety net. I might be undocumented.

For organizations:

We're just starting out, or aren't making profit.

We might be volunteer-run, but we strive for better.


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