Sirron Norris Studio

Assisted Sirron Norris, lead artist in Fox Network’s animated show “Bob’s Burgers,” public muralist, and creator of the political comic series "Cityfruit," with his illustrations and projects. |

studio exterior

logo design

steamoji mural - colored shadows and crosshatching

re-imagining CCSF brochure



shading and coloring on poster commissions

shading and coloring of bayview-hunters point fence mural

astro: shading and limb shaping

scene completion, continuation, and touch-ups

COVID Quarantine Flashcards for EDvance SF

step 1: concept (Bria)

step 2: sketch (Sirron)

step 3: coloring and shading (Bria)

step 4: compilation (Bria)

Sirron Norris Studios Scavenger Hunt