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Sirron Norris Studio

Digital illustrations, logo designs, external studio designs, flyers, and murals created for Sirron Norris, lead artist in Fox Network’s animated show “Bob’s Burgers,” public muralist, and creator of the political comic series "Cityfruit." 

studio exterior

logo design

steamoji mural - colored shadows and crosshatching

re-imagining CCSF brochure



shading and coloring on posters

shading and coloring of Bayview-Hunters Point fence mural

astro: shading and limb shaping

scene completion, continuation, and touch-ups

COVID Quarantine Flashcards for EDvance SF

step 1: concept (Bria)

step 2: sketch (Sirron)

step 3: coloring and shading (Bria)

step 4: compilation (Bria)

Sirron Norris Studios Scavenger Hunt

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