connection and disconnection

Art exploring empathy, connection, and relationships: the feeling of interconnection (and isolation), the importance of relationships, and the implications when those connections fail and succeed.

Click on each piece for a description (size, medium, link to purchase if available, and maybe even a story)! 

Not At All (2019)
Pivot (2019)
Here (2019)
Point of View (2020)
Resolve (2018)
Forever Floating: with Fredrick Leon (2019)
Forever Floating II: with Fredrick Leon
Construction (2020)
Arms Worn Backwards // Late Night Consignment (2020)
Shell (2020)
Partners of Mind - Edition I (2020)
Partners of Mind - Edition II (2021)
Brace - Edition I (2019)
Brace - Edition II (2020)
Comfort I: for Melon (2020)
Comfort II: for Melon (2020)
Comfort III: for Melon (2020)
Puppy Love III: For Harman (2020)
Puppy Love I: For Harman (2020)
Puppy Love II: For Harman (2020)
Comfort Commission (2020)
Comfort II Replica: For Julia (2020)
Anchor Down (2019)

 Bria Goeller


San Francisco, CA